5 Websites for finding Online Video Editing Jobs

    Do you have excellent video editing skills and want to make a freelance career out of it? Look no further because in this guide we are going to discuss 5 websites where you can find online video editing jobs.

    Acquiring good video editing skills is not an easy task. You need to put in a lot of effort to develop the skills to create special effects and add them to the videos. Creating captivating videos that are eye catching is no easy feat. And once you have established those skills you deserve to be rewarded for them.

    Finding freelance gigs related to video editing can be quite tough because of the diversity in graphic designing industry. It’s quite hard to separate the jobs specifically meant for video editors from the general niche.

    List of Freelance Video Editing PlatformsOnline video editing jobs

    Here’s a list some dedicated and popular platforms that offer online video editing work to people with suitable skills:

    1. 90Seconds

      90Seconds is a great platform for creators and digital artists to join the global workforce. They have provided over 100,000 jobs to the global community. You can join the platform as a Videographer, Video editor or Film producer.
      90Seconds offers you the opportunity to work with popular International brands. This won’t just give you the necessary exposure but it will also earn you good money.
      You can start off by creating your profile and applying for jobs that match your skills. The best feature of this platform is that it is user friendly. You can easily manage your clients and projects through one location. Communicating with clients and setting milestones is very easy.

      Payment Details

      The payments are made relatively faster compared to other freelance platforms. You will be paid as soon as you complete a job. They pay their workers through their own Hyper Wallet payment method.

    2. Mandy

      Mandy is one of the most popular platform in the online video industry. They have a huge professional network of over 2.5 million members. Mandy offers freelance jobs in TV, Video, Film, Theater, commercial and dance. Once you join the platform you will have a variety of jobs to apply on.
      Mandy offers a complete guides section to help you get started. Once you create your profile, you will start receiving instant job alerts on your dashboard. You can even turn your profile into a website with the click of a button. This will let you present your portfolio to prospective clients in a professional way.

      Payment Details

      Mandy does not offer any centralized payment method for the jobs. Employers pay the workers directly. You need to invoice them personally. To ensure the payment guarantee you are recommended to join the Equity union.


    3. Upwork

      The good news is, Upwork has a dedicated section for freelance video editing jobs. If you already have a profile on Upwork then applying for these jobs is very easy. Simple browse the listing in the link and apply for any job that matches your expertise.
      The best part about working for Upwork is the growing freelance portfolio and easy of payments. You can demonstrate your skills on any global forum by displaying your Upwork portfolio. Almost every organization recognizes professionals that have worked on Upwork and have a good feedback rating.

      Payment Details

      Receiving payments from Upwork is very easy. They offer a number of payment gateway options that enable you to receive your payments in all countries. The gateways include Paypal, Payoneer and Wire Transfer.


    4. VideoPixie

      VideoPixie offers freelance opportunities for videographers, film makers, producers, directors, editors, screen writers, sound engineers, camera operators and more. Joining their creator program is very easy. All you need to do is fill the registration form and your profile will be created.
      As a worker, you can apply directly to jobs by bidding and sending your proposals. Bear in mind that there is a tight competition for the jobs. You should put in as much detail about your work experience as you can to improve your chances of landing a job.
      Sometimes they send personalized invites to the most experienced and recognized workers. As a new comer, you will face a tough time getting your first invite.

      Payment Details

      Payments are made on weekly basis. For international workers they pay via Paypal. For U.S. workers, the payment method is ACH. ACH takes 2 to 5 days for payment processing.


    5. TheCrewingCompany

      TheCrewingCompany is a UK based freelance video products specialist recruitment network. They are actively looking for video editors and specialists to join their crew and work on editing projects.
      To join the company, you need to register on the website and upload your CV. Once they select you, you will start receiving job alerts. Joining their network is completely free.

      Payment Details

      The Crewing Company pays its workers after every 21 days. You can also request an early payment for a small fee.

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